Hydrogen Service Bays by Marathon Finishing

Hydrogen Service Bays by Marathon Finishing

H2 Service Bays are used for hydrogen or LTA fuel source vehicles at an authorized mechanical service providers.

  • Meets All NFPA 2 Requirements!
  • Meets Safety Standards
    Established By All US
    Vehicle Manufacturers
  • For Use In Servicing
    Any “Lighter Than Air”
    Fuel Source Vehicles
  • Ensures Worker Safety
  • Excellent R.O.I.

Marathon is defining the market for “Lighter Than Air” encapsulated service environments. We provide proven safety features and procedures that form the core of a solid, fully user customizable safety zone that has a proven history of stability and reliability.

Marathon will assist you in taking the next big step in automotive evolution, the hydrogen (H2) fuel cell. The future has arrived! Call us now and we’ll make sure you don’t get stuck in the 20th century.

If you are a service provider, auto repair shop owner, consultant or car dealer planning to serve fuel cell vehicles, you need to know important details about how to invest in hydrogen service bays. Major car manufacturers are continuing to produce fuel cell vehicles for consumers who want to help the environment. Entrepreneurs who own service stations need to offer service bays to customers owning fuel cell vehicles. If you want to ensure that the services you provide to your customers are current, consider your option to invest in our innovative hydrogen service bays.

Advantages Associated with Fuel Cell Vehicles
Fuel cell vehicles are designed with the ecosystem in mind. Consumers who own fuel cell vehicles have the confidence in knowing that their cars do not cause any environmental pollution. With a zero percent emission rate, a fuel cell vehicle can also travel approximately 250 miles before the driver needs to refuel at a station providing hydrogen service bays. Plus, fuel cell vehicles perform well in all types of climatic conditions. At Marathon Finishing Systems, Inc., our service bays detect hydrogen by using the most recent technological advances within the automotive industry. Additionally, our service bays meet all of the legal requirements in the U.S.A. pertaining to the safety of hydrogen service bays.

We Only Carry the Safest Hydrogen Service Stations
Each service bay we sell meets every required U.S. safety regulation. In addition to the fact that our equipment is safe, we also make sure that your employees can experience safe working environments. In addition, our hydrogen service bays do not transmit any dangerous chemicals or odors into buildings. We are up to par with the latest U.S. safety regulations pertaining to all major car manufacturers. At Marathon Finishing Systems, Inc., we value every purchase made by each customer. We honestly believe that investors will reap monetary rewards by investing in our hydrogen service stations. If you want your business to benefit from technology, you may find it rewarding to install hydrogen service bays on your property.

How to Refuel a Fuel Cell Vehicle
Refueling a fuel cell vehicle at a service bay is a simple procedure that only requires a few minutes. First, the operator attaches a pump to the vehicle. The operator then checks the hose to ensure that it is securely attached to the pump. The service provider presses a button causing hydrogen to enter the vehicle. When the tank is filled with hydrogen, a completion message appears on the screen accompanied by a loud beeping sound. Pulling the latch in an upward direction causes a release of the pump’s handle. Although it may take two or three minutes longer to refuel a car with hydrogen as opposed to refueling with gasoline, the benefits are worth the extra time.

Install Our Service Bays for your Current and Future Customers
Step into the future of the automotive industry by installing our service bays in your dealership or automotive repair establishment. Owners of fuel cell vehicles need to refuel their tanks with hydrogen. The customer base for ownership of fuel cell vehicles is growing at a steady pace. Millenials and other consumers will need to find businesses offering hydrogen service bays. Consequently, your business is sure to thrive when you offer consumers the chance to refuel their cars by taking advantage of your available hydrogen service bays. Marathon Finishing Systems, Inc., is constantly striving to offer our clients the best service bays so that they can serve their customers in a professional manner. When you invest in one or more of our hydrogen service bays, you have the confidence in knowing that you are equipped to serve your growing list of loyal customers.

Invest in a Brighter Future for your Company
Every financial investment involves making an important decision. Deciding whether to make an investment in our hydrogen service bays is a business decision requiring an understanding of your possible return on investment (ROI). Investing in our hydrogen service bays can make a dramatic impact on the future revenue and success of your business. It may take a few years before more people begin to drive fuel cell vehicles. In the meantime, service station owners who dare to plunge into the fuel cell popularity explosion will benefit from their decisions. An investment in our hydrogen service bays is a financial security blanket for mechanics and entrepreneurs involved in the automotive service industry.

Benefit from Getting a Free Quote
If you are the type of person who enjoys embarking on new business ventures, call our company now. A simple phone call to 1-800-919-9035 gives you the chance to receive a free quote regarding your investment in our safe, efficient and productive hydrogen service bays. Our equipment satisfies every strict NFPA 2 regulation. Whether you give us a call or visit our website, your complimentary quote is the ticket to a future business that meets the requirements of both older and newer generations.

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