Hydrogen Service Bays for BMW

BMW Hydrogen Service Stations Coming Soon!

bmw-hydrogen-service-baysYou know that 2021 is right around the corner. What does that mean for auto dealerships and repair shops? It means the start of opportunities to service BMW’s new hydrogen fuel-cell car. Fuel-cell technology is the latest innovation in the automotive industry’s quest for zero-emission, energy-efficient vehicles.

The future of driving is here, and many auto companies will eventually offer hydrogen refueling and fuel-cell car repairs as routine services. Anticipating the needs of your customers with fuel-cell service stations establishes your company as the go-to brand for hydrogen fuel-cell car care. If you want to gain a first-mover advantage in this up-and-coming car segment, contact Marathon Finishing Systems, Inc. today for a consultation  800-919-9035 .

While BMW is not the only car maker that is eyeing hydrogen as a next generation fuel source for cars, the company’s debut of its hydrogen-powered 5 Series Gran Turismo in 2021 will serve to increase public awareness and demand for the technology. When the technology becomes mainstream, you want to be ready with the right hydrogen car service bays to reap significant financial rewards for your business.

What’s Driving Demand for Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars?

As in most industries, customers drive demand for new car products and innovations. If auto manufacturers determine that there isn’t enough demand for a certain technology, they often scrap the concept no matter how good it looks to its engineers. Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles answer consumer and business customer demands for cleaner emissions and low-cost operations.

BMW’s hydrogen-fueled 5 Series Gran Turismo is designed for zero-emission driving. This capability will be in great demand by consumers who take their environmental stewardship seriously. National governments that continue to pursue cleaner air for their citizens have enacted laws to curb toxic emissions in the transportation industry. With hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, businesses can meet environmental standards for their car and truck operations without sacrificing profits.

According to California Fuel Cell Partnership, the cost of hydrogen fuel is expected to decrease over the next seven years. At a price of $8 per kilogram, it would take $.12 a mile to operate hydrogen cars.

While BMW’s fuel-cell car won’t be the first to market, the company hopes to compete admirably with brands such as Toyota for market share. The BMW hydrogen-powered car, which is expected to go mainstream by 2025, will run well over 435 miles on a single tank of fuel due to its use of compressed hydrogen.

Car Care Services Needed for Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars

Hydrogen fuel-cell cars differ from standard electric cars because they generate their own electricity rather than using power that is stored in batteries. While the lighter-than-air fuel is considered safe, hydrogen behaves differently from gasoline. If your service station or repair shop wants to capture business from hydrogen car owners, you’ll have to invest in the right infrastructure.

To safely operate a hydrogen filling station or repair shop, you’ll need service bays that meet industry standards. The National Fire Protection Agency or NFPA publishes guidelines for fuel-cell service stations. Marathon Finishing Systems, Inc. is one of a few organizations that are qualified to build service stations for hydrogen fuel-cell cars.

How Opportunity Meets Preparation for Your Automotive Business

Consumers and business customers view hydrogen fuel-cell cars as a viable solution for cost-effective, zero-emission transport. They don’t see the service stations that would allow them to conveniently operate these innovative vehicles, however. This is about to change.

According to the California Energy Commission, the state has a goal of establishing 100 hydrogen refueling stations between 2020 and 2024. In addition to the obvious benefits to consumers, businesses that operate diesel-powered vehicles will find the stations a significant plus. These companies no longer need to worry about getting cleaner diesel-fueled vehicles; they can adopt zero-emission transport. Funding for these service stations will come from both public and private funds.

Your business can take advantage of the momentum gained from state organizations such as the California Energy Commission by investing in fuel-cell service bays now.

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