Hydrogen Service Bays for Hyundai – Nexo Fuel Cell SUV Is Now Available

Hydrogen Service Bays for Hyundai – Nexo Fuel Cell SUV Is Now Available!

hydrogen-service-bay-for-hyundai-nexoWith Hyundai’s launch of the Nexo fuel cell SUV in California, new opportunities are opening up for automotive service providers in this state. As the state of California seeks to rely more heavily on clean energy in the coming years, the importance of equipping your automotive service business with hydrogen service bays will steadily increase, and the Hyundai Nexo represents a huge leap forward in this growing trend.

About the Nexo

This innovative hydrogen fuel cell SUV has a range of 380 miles, which is the best range of any fuel cell or electric vehicle. The only emission that this vehicle creates is water steam, which makes the Nexo a zero-emissions vehicle.

Consumers who buy this Hyundai vehicle are provided with $13,000 or three years of free fuel, but Nexo owners will need to seek out their own repairs when they experience breakdowns. Since the Nexo is a zero-emissions vehicle, consumers can get a rebate of up to $7,000 from the state of California, which will heavily incentivize early sales of this SUV.

Another incentive that will drive sales of the Nexo is access to California HOV lanes even when there’s only one occupant in one of these SUVs. The Nexo even comes with seven days of free vehicle rentals per year, and Hyundai will happily provide tow services to the nearest hydrogen fuel station if a driver of one of these innovative SUVs runs out of fuel.

Across the board, both Hyundai and the state of California are making the Nexo highly attractive to California drivers. This SUV is being advertised as a highly safe alternative to fossil fuel vehicles, and there are tons of incentives in place that will rapidly make the Nexo a smash hit in this state.

The only concern that California drivers may have when they consider purchasing the Nexo, however, is where they will get their fuel cell cars serviced. Stand out as one of the first businesses in California to service these types of vehicles.  For more news regarding hydrogen vehicles from Hyundai read here.

Get Ready for the Future with Marathon Hydrogen Service Bays

Every innovation in the auto industry requires updated techniques, and hydrogen fuel cell technology is set to revolutionize everything that auto service providers thought they knew about automobiles. These types of vehicles require special servicing tools, and our encapsulated H2 Service Bays get the job done. These service bays are specifically designed to work with lighter-than-air (LTA) fuels, and they meet NFPA 2 requirements for safe and effective servicing of fuel cell vehicles.

Since the hydrogen fuel cell industry is expected to experience significant growth in California and beyond over the next decade, investing in an H2 Service Bay is the best way to keep your customers happy and capitalize on the trends of the future. We’ve been providing auto servicing businesses with the power to service cutting-edge hydrogen vehicles since the beginning of the fuel cell revolution, so give us a call today for a free consultation.

Call 800-919-9035 for a free estimate and further details on this lucrative opportunity.

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