Why Toyota Dealerships and Mechanics Need to Add Hydrogen Service Bays Now

Many trends that end up spreading across the country start in California. California is where many green technology trends get their footholds in the U.S. before they are widely adopted. One trend that should grab the attention of Toyota mechanics and dealerships everywhere in the U.S. is the relative popularity of the Toyota Mirai. A hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle, more than 3,000 Mirai cars have been sold in the Golden State. While that might seem underwhelming, it’s important to take note of the fact that there are only 31 hydrogen fueling stations that are located in all of California, but Toyota has still been able to sell several thousand of this model in the state. This should lead mechanics and Toyota dealerships everywhere to consider adding hydrogen service bays in their shops so that they are able to service these environmentally conscious vehicles.

Why people Are Buying the Hydrogen-Powered Toyota Mirai

Hydrogen fuel-powered cars work by fusing the hydrogen that they have in their cells with oxygen from the air. This process releases electricity which then powers the motor. It is a very environmentally friendly way to fuel a car because they are free of pollution. A zero-emission vehicle, the Mirai only releases some water as a byproduct of the chemical fusing of hydrogen with oxygen. The Mirai also helps with noise pollution because it is nearly silent when it is running. The features of this vehicle have driven sales in California, and an increasing number of hydrogen fuel stations are appearing elsewhere. This makes it important for Toyota dealerships and mechanics to understand the importance of adding hydrogen fuel cell service bays so that they are able to service these and other types of hydrogen fuel cell cars.

What are the Benefits of Adding Hydrogen Service Bays?

Having dedicated hydrogen service bays offers multiple benefits to dealerships and mechanics. Unlike petrol products, hydrogen is lighter than the air and rises to the top of the bays instead of pooling on the floor. Before you can begin a Toyota hydrogen car automotive repair, all of the fuel needs to be fully drained. Hydrogen is very flammable and may also cause electric shocks. If it escapes out of the top of a service bay, it may come into contact with lights and start fires. Installing hydrogen service bays that are fully enclosed and have safety lights can help to prevent the fuel from escaping from the top of the bay.

The H2 Service Bays at Marathon also help to ensure the safety of the workers who service the hydrogen fuel cell cars as well as those who are working in other areas near them. The bays meet the NFPA 2 requirements as well as all of the safety standards of U.S. vehicle manufacturers. They may also be used for all lighter than air fuels, allowing dealerships and mechanics to service other makes and models in addition to the Toyota Mirai.

Choosing to add hydrogen fuel cell bays is an important business decision for mechanics and Toyota dealerships. While they may require an initial capital outlay, they offer a high return on your investment. As more people start purchasing fuel cell cars, having an available service bay may help to increase your future sales and prospects.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars like the Toyota Mirai have started to seize the imagination of drivers across California. It will likely not be long before people in other states start choosing to purchase these cars. When more hydrogen fuel stations begin opening elsewhere, these pollution-free cars will likely follow.

People are becoming increasingly interested in the steps that they can take to protect the environment. Purchasing a Toyota Mirai is one way that consumers can feel good about the environmental impacts that they have. Many environmentally friendly movements spread from California to the rest of the nation, and the widespread embrace of hydrogen fuel cell cars like the Toyota Mirai is likely to occur. You can be prepared by installing dedicated hydrogen fuel cell service bays in your dealership or shop so that you will be prepared to handle Toyota hydrogen car automotive repair. To learn more and to receive a free quote, contact us today. (800) 919-9035