Repairing Hydrogen Powered Cars in California

An increasing number of people are choosing to purchase energy efficient vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cell cars are becoming increasingly popular in California. These cars offer good fuel economy while also having zero emissions. The only byproduct from powering these cars is some water droplets. It is important for dealerships and mechanics to be prepared to service these vehicles as they become more widespread. Our hydrogen service bays are ideal for hydrogen-powered cars automotive repair needs in California. Service and repair work to hydrogen fuel cell cars must be conducted in a manner that complies with the regulations in the California Fire Code and the guidelines that are outlined by the National Fire Protection Association. A good way for dealerships and mechanics to make certain that their repair work complies with all of the regulations is to purchase hydrogen fuel cell bays that meet all U.S. safety standards.

How Hydrogen-Powered Cars Automotive Repair Works

Hydrogen is very flammable and can explode. It burns much faster than petroleum products and produces flames that are invisible. Because of the dangers of hydrogen fuel, there are specific guidelines and regulations that govern how dealerships and mechanics complete repairs of these vehicles. For example, mechanics who need to complete bodywork on a hydrogen fuel cell car must follow regulations about welding and using heat sources near these cars.

Hydrogen is a lighter-than-air gas. This means that it floats up to the top of a service bay rather than pooling on the ground like petroleum products do. This makes it important to pay attention to the uppermost 18 inches of the area in which the work is performed. Hydrogen may explode if it comes into contact with an open flame or heat source, making it important to keep it from contacting light fixtures with bulbs that produce heat.

Before one of these vehicles can be serviced, the hydrogen fuel must be drained into a closed containment system. The mechanics must be careful not to suffer an electric shock from the hydrogen fuel cell stack and to check for any fuel leaks. One way for dealerships and mechanics to make certain that they are complying with the regulations while also keeping their workers safe is to purchase hydrogen fuel cell bays. The hydrogen service bays that are manufactured by Marathon are ideal for hydrogen powered cars automotive repair needs. They meet all U.S. safety standards and provide encapsulated environments within which the repair work can be performed. The manner in which these bays are built prevents hydrogen fuel from escaping and coming into contact with sources of heat and open flames. The bays meet all of the safety standards that have been established by the different vehicle manufacturers and also meet the standards that have been promulgated by the National Fire Protection Association.

When Should A Shop Add A Hydrogen Service Bay?

The 33rd hydrogen fuel refilling station was completed in California in April 2018. More refilling stations are under development. You are able to enter your zip code or address on the interactive map that is provided by the California Fuel Cell Partnership. If there are hydrogen fuel refilling stations located in or near to your city, it is a good idea for your shop or dealership to purchase a hydrogen service bay now. Having the ability to offer repairs that are safe and that protect both the workers and the environment can make your shop stand out among its competitors. You can also bookmark the map and follow the development of new hydrogen fuel refilling stations so that you can add a service bay in the future when a station is under development near to your shop.

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Investing in a hydrogen service bay is a smart choice if your shop or dealership is located in any of the cities that are listed on the map. These bays also offer an excellent return on investment as few mechanics and dealerships offer these types of specialized service bays.  It is likely that these cars will become popular and spread across the U.S., making it important for dealerships and mechanics everywhere to be prepared by installing these specialized hydrogen fuel bays. To learn more and to receive a FREE quote, contact Marathon today at (310) 791-5601.