Service Providers: Hyundai to Supply 1,000 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks Starting in 2019

Hyundai will be increasing production of Hydrogen fuel cell trucks in 2019. Learn more about the required Hydrogen service bays to service hydrogen fuel cell trucks. Call us today.Hyundai is an automotive leader with worldwide operations. In order to sustain its customer base, Hyundai partners with automotive service providers across the world to maintain its vehicles. Accordingly, service providers must be fully adept with Hyundai vehicles, and they should be aware of the latest developments from the company. Therefore, the news this week should be a top priority for your Hyundai service company. One key component of this new technology will be the support provided at Hyundai repair facilities. As these trucks hit the road, they will need service bays equipped with the necessary equipment. If your service bay invests in the necessary technology to support these trucks, it will be possible to get an edge on the market.


Hyundai’s Progression With Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks

Hyundai has been making significant progress with fuel cells in its trucks. Fuel cells process the vehicle’s energy, and improvements in fuel cell technology can make the trucks more efficient. This is due to the fact that the fuel cells convert hydrogen to electricity, thereby creating pure water emissions. This efficiency is only manageable if service providers understand the nuances of the technology and what service is needed to support it.

Starting in 2019, Hyundai will focus on deploying these hydrogen fuel cells. Currently, these fuel cells are intended for usage in a very specific market. The current project will impact commercial vehicles in Switzerland. This may seem like a limited range of impact. However, if the tests are successful, it is safe to say that the fuel cell technology could easily be applied in other sectors as well. The push for new fuel cell technology will span a period of five years starting in 2019.

The specifications on these updated trucks have started to trickle out. Currently, the 1,000 trucks being targeted for the upgrade are 18 tonnes, which means they can gross 34 tonnes when combined with a trailer. Their range is about 250 miles. The hope is that the new fuel cells will be able to completely recharge within seven minutes. While this fueling time is on par with trucks that operate with conventional diesel HGVs, it is a huge improvement over equivalent powertrains operated by batteries.

How To Be Prepared to Service Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks

This technology is expected to have worldwide usage, and environmentally conscious parts of the United States are likely to be on board with such upgrades. This means that service centers in states like California and Oregon should pay attention. Learning about this technology and investing in the necessary upgrades can significantly improve your ability to meet the market demand.

After all, fuel cell vehicles are only going to become more popular as time goes on. In addition to the fuel efficiency of Hyundai’s technology, the improved charging speed of Hyundai’s fuel cell vehicles makes them interesting to a broad audience. This news of Hyundai’s investment in fuel cell technology is worth your attention as a service provider. By staying on top of this new technology, you have the power to stay on top of the market as well.

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